I can’t believe how warm it is

Planning a wedding can be an extremely difficult, yet rewarding task. I should know. I have been a professional wedding planner for close to 19 years now. I have seen it all. I’ll never forget one wedding where the bride requested live geese to wander around her lawn for an outdoor wedding. Let’s just say that didn’t end well. My latest wedding was almost ruined. It was planned to be an indoor wedding at a big church, but their HVAC system was having trouble the week prior to the event. I was slightly nervous when they told me, but I knew of a very good HVAC technician who I was sure could help me. I called the HVAC business where he worked, and my usual HVAC technician as on vacation! Now I was worried. It was hard to get an HVAC technician on short notice in our small town. I called all of the other HVAC business locations in our area, and thankfully found an available HVAC technician at the last one on my list. I breathed a sigh of relief as I realized the wedding would be saved. I contacted the Church to let them know I found an HVAC technician. The head pastor breathed a sigh of relief too. He had no luck finding an HVAC technician and he had been worried. Well, the HVAC system was fully repaired. The wedding went on as planned with the cool comfort of an amazing air conditioner. The Church was back in full working order, and everyone had a happy ending tanks to a little help from our friendly neighborhood HVAC technician.

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