Very narrow ductwork

I was talking to a friendly neighbor of mine on the phone the other day, and we got around to talking about the inevitable. My boyfriend and I had been together for years and I thought this relationship would be going somewhere. I told my neighbor if he didn’t get me a ring that year, I would be out the door, just like that. Then I came home from work the other day, only to find my boyfriend had a major surprise for me. He first showed me the smart thermostat on the wall, which I thought was really neat. Then he explained how he had a new Heating and Air Conditioning plan installed with rapid heating and cooling. This was great, since it meant that both of us would easily be able to heat and cool the household in no time at all. The ductwork was really narrow unlike traditional ductwork, and was easy to maintain, too. No longer would we have to leave the Heating or Air Conditioning systems running when we weren’t home, as either of us could crank it up and be comfortably in minutes. Well, it may not be a ring, but I give it to him – this shows a serious commitment to our future if he’s willing to put all this together in our home. Besides, you never know, maybe he’s got something up his sleeve!

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