A building with temperature control

I finally realized my dream about 7 years ago. I had worked a job I really couldn’t stand for 19 years, just to save up for my “retirement gig.” That dream of mine was to own my own music store, complete with an antique record section. It was amazing to wake up to the fact that your dream has been realized, except when tragedies hit, however. One morning I went into my store to discover that my furnace wasn’t working. I thought that maybe it was an issue with the thermostat, so I tried to adjust it to see if my furnace would come on. Unfortunately, no matter what I tried, the furnace would not turn on. “Just my luck,” I thought. The temperature was below zero degrees on this fateful day, and the lack of  proper heating system might cause my record collection to be destroyed. Antique records needed a precise temperature setting on your heating and cooling system in order to maintain their integrity. I quickly called my local HVAC business to see if we could solve my furnace woes. They were able to get a qualified and certified HVAC technician out to my store in a heartbeat. I was surprised at the immediate response. The HVAC technician found the problem in what seemed like a few short minutes. Within a half an hour, he had the furnace up and running. My record collection was saved! I was so happy and relieved. I decided that very day to begin taking better care of my heating and cooling system.

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