I’d love a hand

I love traveling more than anything in the world – it soothes our soul, and i love experiencing bizarre foods, bizarre weather conditions, and everything a new country has to offer. Each new locale I discover something I love even more than the last locale I visited, however when I was in Barcelona I stayed in an Airbnb with a rooftop balcony – I went during the month of March, so it was pretty sizzling however still not so humid you wanted to do nothing however sit in the air conditioner. In fact, there was no air conditioner in the Airbnb I stayed in! Which, for me was not a large concern because I am almost always cold and rarely use an cooling system; even on the hottest of afternoons, then however, this got me thinking – what do people who travel and need satisfactory temperature controls do when they end up in a situation care about this? Of course Airbnb’s website properly will list features included and not included, although I wouldn’t even have thought twice about it! I just had the balcony slider door open the whole time; when I even was home, because let’s be honest, I spent most of our time out exploring the city. Now, had there been no heating unit, that would have been another story! I would have had to go get a portable furnace to keep in our apartment! This trip now prompts me to always take a closer look at our accommodations on Airbnb before booking, and ensuring if there is not temperature controls, that I’m going in a season where they aren’t properly necessary.

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