The thermostats are amazing

I was born and raised in a small apartment on the seventh floor of a crowded apartment complex. That little place will always be my real home in my mind. Once I got older and moved out, I found myself setting up camp in a rental home in a small city. To say my whole world changed is an understatement, because moving from apartment to a real house was a life altering event! More comfortable, more convenient and overall much more pleasant for me – that’s how I’d describe living in my own house. I was king of the castle, even if it was only a rental. Moving back into an apartment has been a horror show! My former home had a smart control unit with zone control for the heating and cooling, and it would monitor which rooms were being used and which were empty. Adjustments to the climate control settings were made autonomously as needed. Not only did this keep myself and other guests perfectly comfortable all the time, but the smart control unit also saved me a chunk of money on my utility bills. In this apartment, however, there is a single crappy control unit that serves the entire apartment, and there is no balance in the level of cooling between the rooms. I don’t even have the chance to upgrade to a nice smart control unit, because the central Heating and Air Conditioning plan is so aged it isn’t compatible with newer technology. I might just have to close off the air vents to the back rooms and focus the cooling power on the rooms I use more often. An A/C expert I worked with has told me this is a terrible idea, but it seems like the best way to balance the cooling.

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