Invasion in the ductwork

When I had the flu, I had a horrible time trying to stay warm.  My husband even got out the heating pad for me and put it under my feet.  I’m not sure what I would do without him, and I don’t even want to think about it.  Sometimes, however, he drives me crazy. It seems that the simplest of chores turns into a project.  When I asked him to get rid of the tree that was growing in the gutter, it took him a week to figure out how to do it.  Finally, when my grandson showed up, I asked for his help. He climbed up on the banister, reached into the gutter, and pulled out all of the weeds.  He then grabbed the hose and hosed out the gutter so the dirt would come out. My husband shook his head and asked if it was too hard to wait for him to do it.  I smiled and kissed his cheek while telling him that Christian needed something to do. Last week, I knew that there was a problem with the heating. I told him I was hearing strange noises coming from the ductwork.  He told me that we have a boiler and of course we were going to hear noises. I didn’t say there were noises in the water pipe, but in the ductwork that had never been removed. Two days later I went for my rice. Unfortunately, I hadn’t put it in a canister.  My rice had been invaded by mice. Apparently they came out of the ductwork that led into the pantry. There was a trail of rice right up to the opening.

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