Trip valves and safe options

I have one daughter who lives in the south and the other lives just a couple miles from me.  We live in the Northeast. I have to laugh at the one closest to me. She is always complaining about the heating in her home.  She traded out the gas furnace they were using and had a wood burning outdoor furnace installed. Whoever installed the wood furnace, did not set it up with a safety feature.  There is supposed to be a valve that automatically trips when the wood furnace starts to malfunction. I have to admit that we do get storms where we get close to two feet of snow.  Trying to get out to that furnace is quite a task. If she can’t load the furnace and the fire would go out, she wouldn’t have heat. The special feature is supposed to be set up so if the fire was to go out, it is supposed to trip the valve and the gas furnace will turn on.  A couple weeks ago, the fire went out they were left without heat for almost three days until they could get someone out to the house to fix the wood furnace. That is when the HVAC technician told them about the trip valve. He came back the next and set up the wood furnace with the trip valve.  Now she is so disgusted that she is thinking about taking a job that will send her south. She says she won’t have to worry about the heating and she’ll be closer to her sister. I really hope that is just anger speaking.

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