Power outages means no heating

About three years ago, my husband and I were sitting in the living room when I heard an odd noise.  We looked all over inside, but we couldn’t find anything, so we went back to watching our movie. Half an hour later, we heard another odd noise and we decided to do a little more investigation.  Still, there was no sign of anything wrong. Ten minutes later, our lights began to flicker and we lost our internet and the television. Now we knew there was a problem. The wind was blowing quite wickedly and the trees were nearly in half.  My husband went out back and yelled that he had found the problem. A tree had fallen on the wires coming into our home. There were sparks coming from the wires and the power had now gone off in the house. I had to call the power company and let them know the power lines were down and sparking.  My husband was afraid of a fire, so he quickly checked the house and we headed to the nearest hotel. Without power in the house, we had no heating, and it was still winter. Unfortunately, the hotel had no power and consequently, no heating. We had to go to four hotel before finding one with rooms and with power.  We finally had heat, which was good since we had to stay there for three days. We went back to the house every day to make sure the oil filled space heater was still running. We had to prevent the pipes from freezing. We were so happy when the power came on and the furnace began running again. I really missed my home.

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