Baking and ac

I unquestionably fondly remember this little bakery on the corner my family used to visit every now & then for fresh bread or pastries. It was honestly a tradition of ours to visit the bakery in the early day before church services so that we could love pop & pastries before we headed to church. Those are memories I will regularly cherish. Another thing I distinctly remember about the bakery is how sizzling & comfortable it was in the winter. The combination of being perfectly sizzling & cozy visiting that little shop & smelling all of those delicious treats was heavenly. It made myself and others want to grow up & be a baker! “What better task could there be?” thought my six-year-old brain. Of course, I would undoubtedly have a hard time not eating everything that I made for shoppers! I remember the heating program in that little bakery being so sizzling & delightful, that I really did not want to leave. Even in the summertime, the owners would make sure that the a/c was set to a high enough setting to keep shoppers comfortable. Looking back, I imagine that was a huge section of the appeal for shoppers, whether they realized it or not: being comfortable in the store. I know it was section of why I never wanted to leave. I really miss that bakery on the corner. When I go to the bakery in my local chain grocery store these afternoons, it is regularly freezing frosty because the a/c is blasting! Not to mention the fact that the client repair is not nearly as kind & familiar.

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