Air filter person

When I purchased this house, I thought that I would never have to room with anyone ever again. This year, finances have been difficult, and my company earnings are down. I also realized I needed a little extra income to make ends meet. That’s why I elected to rent out a single room of the house. While I wasn’t ecstatic about the prospect of a stranger moving in, it was for the greater good. My new roommate is named Jenna, and she is a traveling salesperson who is gone 12 to 16 hours every day. I go for days without seeing her sometimes, and the other day she left a portable air filter in the residing room with a note attached. She said the air filter was a gift, and that if I ran it for just a single day I would notice a major difference in the indoor quality of the house. She was right – the air filter did the job better than she said it would! I felt guilty for her giving me such a nice gift, so she said in return I could tell our friends and coworkers about the air filter and help her make some sales. This was easy for me to do, since I could truly say the air filter got rid of most of the dander and dust floating around the house. I have a couple of friends who also suffer from seasonal allergies, and this kind of air filter was just the sort of thing they needed!

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