Air conditioned lifeguard shack


Some of the best  memories I have all come from one amazing summer I spent as a lifeguard. There were a crew of eight of us working full time in shifts through that whole summer. We saved a few lives, and had a lot of great times. It wasn’t all fun and games, of course, but we were a pack of teenagers so there were a great deal of fun and games involved.

              One character I remember vividly from that time was a beach bum named Sando. Sando used to be a lifeguard and a surfer 20 years ago, now he just hung out, drank beer, and mooched off the AC in the lifeguard shack whenever he could. We always gave him a break, because he used to be one of us, and that air conditioned shack was really the only place for a mile to cool off. One day I remember coming to work, very hung over, to find that the AC unit would not start up. At 7am it was already 85 degrees and climbing, and in my condition I needed a cold air vent right to the face. I went outside and found Sando sleeping in the sand, and asked if he could possibly make the air conditioner work.

               Five minutes later he was a sipping a bloody mary and digging through the inner working of the air conditioner. I don’t know what he did, but that air conditioner fired right up for him, at which point he finished his drink and fell asleep on the floor.

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