Trying to get the heater right


            Winter is the single season that brings out the worst in me. I have such a hard time because I get frosty really easily, and I hate shoveling snow! I live in a region of the country that gets incredibly cold, so I have no way of avoiding this cold time of year. My only method of taking care of myself during this weather is by maintaining my Heating as well as A/C unit. It’s an outdated heating system, so I ensure that I have a Heating and A/C worker come out every year during Autumn to make sure that it’s in superb working condition.

             I do this because I think that if it were to unexpectedly die on me, I would be left to suffer in the frost, with nothing but my fireplace as well as a small space heater! Those just aren’t enough around here on the coldest of mornings. I know this because a few years back, I had to cope with a gas furnace outage. When the heating system broke down on me, the Heating as well as A/C provider was so backed up with repair appointments that they weren’t able to get to our house for numerous days!

          It was a real challenge to keep the house even somewhat warm. I had to chop a ton of wood so that I could keep the fireplace running, ands I used the space heater the entire time… After that mishap, I swore to keep a better eye on the Heating & A/C unit. It was a real lesson to be taught, so  that’s why I stick to my routine now!

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