Saving up – not for summer vacation, for AC

So many people that I work with have had set family vacations each year, which they genuinely looked forward to for months. I have always been pretty jealous of these folks, but I also can’t imagine how they plan ahead to make sure that this break from life really happens. It seems to me that life is so unpredictable, it feels impossible to set aside two weeks and two thousand dollars without things changing drastically and ruining your plans. I know that in my own household, we are not currently saving up for a fun summer vacay – in fact, we’re barely managing to pay our monthly bills at this point. Rather than trying to earn and save for a fun trip out of town, we’re just trying to pad our savings account to afford AC all summer long. Last year, we found out that the house was not very well insulated via our monthly utility bill. Every month our energy bill easily beat the record set by the last, and our house rarely felt cool and fresh for the sum of money we were handing over. This year we are thinking ahead, improving our central cooling capabilities and lining our pockets for the pending damages. I have arranged for a highly reviewed HVAC company to come inspect our AC and air ducts well before summer heat sets in. I have also been working several additional jobs to rack up enough cash for even the hottest of summers. Maybe one day we’ll manage to go on vacation, but for now I’m just excited to have indoor temperature control.