Office needs to be at least this warm – fingers don’t work

I’m not sure if you’ve ever tried to stand up after many hours of calmly relaxing in a chair, only to find that your legs don’t work, but this has happened to me a great many times. After a long meeting or an arduous family dinner I finally adjust my long legs for the first time and try to stand straight up with humorous failure. One leg might work, but the other is completely numb, rendering me helpless to balance upright. I literally topple over at times, and usually have to sit back down before I can get both of my gams to regain feeling. If this sounds awful, it is. It might be even worse when both of my hands go numb, though. It happens often when I’m not warm enough and can last many hours until I warm back up. Usually I’m completely surprised when my hands go frozen and numb, and ill-equipped to find a good solution for the handicap. However, there are days when I know it’s bound to happen because the temperature is so freaking low. This typically happens right when I walk into my office building and get a feel for the central heating and cooling settings for the day. If the air first seems to be chilly on my exposed skin, there is a very good chance that I’m going to lose all feeling in my fingers later on that day. Soon, I’m trying to enter data points at my desk only to find that my stubby fingers are missing every key. Since I don’t have control over the indoor air quality settings, my best option is to just leave the office. My boss keeps complaining that I’m working from home too often, but it’s the only place I’m warm enough to keep punching numbers.

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