window heating and air conditioner

My family and I enjoy a summer vacation together each year. We have been to many different destinations, including the beaches, the islands, and the rugged, tough mountains. Last summer, my family and I decided to go to the Bayou. This was our first trip to the swampy land, but we had a week full of fun events planned. My family and I were planning to go on an airboat ride, watch an alligator show, and enjoy some quiet fishing. We rented a Shack by the river, which was going to be big enough for everyone in the family. When we arrived to our destination, we found the shack to be far more dilapidated than the pictures showed. My family and I anticipated central heating and air conditioning, but each of the rooms was equipped with a window heating and air conditioning unit. We anticipated a three-bedroom Shack, but ended up with a three-room building. At least the view was stunning. We even had a deck, where we could fish right from the house. The heating and air conditioning equipment was the worst problem of all. My family and I used the air conditioner while we were, but it smelled like mold and mildew. Unfortunately, had no choice but to run the air conditioner, because the temperatures were so humid. The awful smell gave me a sinus headache, and the kids complained the whole time. Next time we choose a hot, swampy destination, we are going to be sure the place has cold A/C.

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