Grinding sound is actually my furnace

My friend Carrie was over this afternoon for tea and cookies. We usually get together on Wednesday afternoons, because both of our kids have band practice that day. We drop them off at practice, and head to my house for an hour of girl talk. By the end of tea, it’s usually time to pick up the kids and make dinner. Last Wednesday, Carrie and I sat in the garage. The weather was nice and cool, so we opened the door and set some lawn chairs next to the road. After a few minutes, I started to hear a very strange grinding sound. I tried to find the source of the eerie sound, I couldn’t locate the strange grinding sound. I looked all over, but I didn’t hear anything. Carrie and I were in the garage this afternoon as well, and I heard the grinding sound again. This time, I could hear the sound coming from our furnace. The sound didn’t seem normal, so I decided to look for some information online. I found some good information, which led me to turn off the furnace. I called a professional to help diagnose the issue. The grinding sound was definitely coming from the furnace, and the problem was a worn belt. The furnace repair technician replaced the belt and put some lubricant on the rusty parts. I wonder if Carrie and I will hear the same strange sounds next Wednesday. I really hope the problem has been resolved, because I can’t afford to buy a new furnace right before the winter holidays.

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