Customer Service Complaint

I had a really bad experience lately with my local heating and cooling company. Every single time they have come out to either do a heating and cooling tune up or some kind of heating and cooling repair, they either get it totally wrong and have to come back several times until it is done right, or, they send out a really rude heating and cooling specialist who makes me feel very odd to even be around them or have them in my home! I finally had enough of all this and I decided to call the heating and cooling company customer service phone number. The heating and cooling customer service rep that answered the phone at least sounded like a normal person and was very sympathetic to my complaints about my local heating and cooling company along with the lousy heating and cooling specialists they had been sending out to me within the past year. I mentioned a few different occasions to the customer service rep about how they messed up my heating and cooling system when tuning it up or trying to fix it. The customer service rep took my complaint and let me know that they would be letting the corporate office know that things were not being ran so well at our local heating and air conditioning company. I was also offered 2 free tune ups as payment for my troubles I had been having the past year. It was a really good exchange all together from the heating as well as the cooling customer service rep. They really provided great and top quality customer service to me when I called!

HVAC corp