Bad luck when it comes to cooling

Do you believe in luck? When a man walks into a casino and wins a hundred grand playing cards, do you think he is a skilled gambler, or is he just lucky? Or is it a bit of both? I am only now pondering these sort of esoteric questions because for the first time in my life I am feeling genuinely unlucky. But is it really random occurrence as I suspect, or is it the culmination of a series of poor decisions coming back to bite me? For example, a few weeks ago I started experiencing real trouble with my home air conditioning system. At first it would work sporadically, but then finally it flat out died and the air vents all went still. I was cursing my luck, because the HVAC system wasn’t even that old so I must have been a victim of bad luck, right? Then I remembered about the air filter, and how I had been told to check it every month and change it as needed. That was about a year ago, and in the meantime I had never checked the air filter even once, nonetheless changed it out! I have heard the adage that “you make your own luck” well in the case of this air conditioner I think I made my own bad luck. I tried changing out the air filter, man that old one was so jammed up with dirt no wonder it shut down! Too bad for me that the damage to the system had been done, and a new air filter was too little too late.

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