Using my house to host a baby shower

One thing that gets pretty old as you grow older? That would definitely be when you have “the best house” of all your friends. Much like being the only one with a pick-up truck and being asked to help everyone on moving day, having a nice spacious house with a big living room makes you the primary choice for any friend that wants to host a party. It could be a bridal or baby shower, birthday or holidays – you always get called to see if you can play host to the events. That’s the case for me, anyway, thanks to my awesome three-bedroom house. The size of the place isn’t the only reason people like it, though! The real draw is the excellent heating, ventilation air conditioning system. I don’t just have a fancy heater or a fine-tuned thermostat – I have it all! The heating system is a combination of radiant heated floors, as well as a boiler, which both work to provide heat and some humidity to make the room feel warmer than it is. During the summer months, I have my top-notch central A/C to rely on as a source of air conditioning that everyone will enjoy. On top of these two drivers for the HVAC system, I also have an air purification system set to run twice daily, and the house is equipped with HEPA filters to keep air pollutants to a minimum. I’ve paid a fortune over the years to make my home the comfy palace it is today, and I would be pretty lame if I didn’t want my friends to enjoy it along with me!

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