House sitting for my brother

I don’t mind house sitting for my brother, when he has to go out of town. He rarely leaves for more than a few days, but his company keeps him on the move. He is in the software sales business. He is constantly talking to representatives and other sales people about their Company software sales needs. My brother attends conferences once a year, and he usually asks me to watch the house, dogs, and cat. I certainly don’t mind, because my brother lives in a really nice condo. The condo is only a few blocks away from the beach, and there is a very nice balcony outside. At night, you can smell the salt in the air. You can hear the sound of the ocean waves, on a quiet Tuesday morning. Last month was the annual software convention, and my brother asked me to stay in the house for 8 days. I was happy to help, and we nailed of the plant. I met my brother at the condo on Saturday morning, and he told me that the air conditioner was not working. I was immediately starting to sweat, just thinking about the broken air conditioner. My brother told me that someone was on the way to fix the air conditioner, and he already paid the bill. My brother had to leave to catch a flight, but he assured me that everything was set up perfectly. When the air conditioner repair guy arrived, he asked for my name and my photo license. He asked where the air conditioner was located, and made his initial assessment. He spent about two hours working on the air conditioner, before ice cold Air came out of the vents. My brother was right, and he did take care of everything.

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