I was aware of the problems

Whenever we go to art class, I always feel like I’m taking a chance whenever I get dressed in the morning. You see, our art class is in this building where the heating and air conditioning system is never at a constant temperature. So you just never know if you’re going to be freezing to death from all of the A/C or if you’ll be sweating your butt off from all of the heating. It’s really a terrible thing, too, because we all love our art class and we love our teacher too. It’s just the uncertainty of the HVAC system in the building that’s the problem. The last time we had class, the furnace ran non-stop the whole time we were trying to learn about painting lifelike birds. Well, I was so hot from all the heat pouring in from the air vents in the ceiling that by the end of class, I had dripped sweat all over my poor bird paintings! They looked more like limp balloons than feathery friends. But the time before that, our classroom was so cold that it felt like a refrigerated boxcar. Our instructor tried to adjust the thermostat but the A/C wouldn’t stop running no matter what we did. I’m not sure what the issue is in that building, but I really wish that the management would call in a professional HVAC technician to check out the furnace and the A/C unit. Or at least have them look at the thermostat! Maybe it’s a simple matter of replacing the thermostat and everything would be better.

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