Losing the furnace at the worst time

Just when you feel things can’t get any worse, they swiftly do.  I believe that is what life is all about. The ups, the downs, the way ups and the way downs, are all a massive part of learning.  It is really challenging when the way downs are way down in the basement and they come in the form of gas heating equipment. My spouse and I had our gas furnace worked on right before the cold season began.  All of us never had an issue with our gas furnace until recently. That was when the group of us didn’t have any heating the other day. All of us called the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment corporation and reminded them that they told us there should not be any troubles.  They were clearly wrong. It was going to snow, and yet the group of us didn’t have a gas furnace that actually worked. There was no heat in our property, and I was chilly. They abruptly came out to look at our gas furnace, however they said there wasn’t anything they could do.  The gas heating equipment had died and it wasn’t anyone’s fault… The gas furnace was long past its expiration date evidently, and things like this happened. It worries myself and others that nobody had told us the gas furnace was old and at risk of breaking down on us. All of us were told it was in perfect working order.  I was extremely frustrated and angry and I told my spouse the lot of us should make them pay for the repairs or upgradement. The Heating and Air Conditioning equipment corporation didn’t guess they should be held responsible for all of the repairs. I pulled out our service and repair agreement though. It clearly stated that if they found a possible concern, they were to tell us what was going on and what could happen.  Our Heating and Air Conditioning equipment tech never said anything and he didn’t even say anything about the age of the gas heating equipment.

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