Want our heater in good shape

Another day is getting ready to dawn, plus another snow to freezing rain event is about to happen in our area.  I don’t mind the snow all that much, however freezing rain genuinely scares me. The last time the people I was with and I had freezing rain, my granddaughter rolled her car.  She was on her way to work plus hit a rough patch of ice plus she end up skidding off into a field plus flipping her car a number of times. I guess that you are actually thinking she was going too fast.  In the contrary, she had slowed down considerably. She slid off the edge of the road, where there was a ten foot drop, plus no guard rails. She was so upset about her car, even though the rest of us were upset about her being hurt.  She walked out totally unscathed, however her car is ruined. As she put it, the only thing that continued to function, was the heater equipment. Her dad had just put a modern Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C component into her car. When the motor quit running, she still had heat flowing out of the air vents.  She told me she wanted to stay inside where it was incredibly warm, since she didn’t want to open her eyes to find out if she was still alive. She was warm plus toasty in the heating. She said if she opened her eyes, she was scared she was going to find out she had a lot of injuries plus pain, or she wasn’t even alive anymore.  I’m cheerful it was the heating equipment that was continuing to run, plus not the other way around. It was easily a freezing day. With her safe, it was a good thing for her to have the heating equipment until the emergency crew arrived to get her doors open.

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