Wrecked HVAC

I like going to this one hamburger joint in the city, and the people that eat at the place are less than desirable to be honest, however the food is so nice for something like this, I just can’t stay away from the place! The last time I went in there though, it was the middle of the summer time months, and when I walked in, the a/c was broken down! I noticed it right away when I walked in the place and  it felt even worse than it did outside with the over the top heat, then I did not even have to ask what had happened to the a/c plan when I felt like I was in a furnace and saw all those people walking out. The place is usually packed, but not today! The a/c being broke looks like it has totally killed their business for that morning. I was sure they were calling a certified heating and cooling specialist out to fix the a/c system, however the question was when were they. I actually ordered a burger that morning and  was one of the only customers that stuck around in the no a/c furnace that the burger joint had become. That is how good those burgers are! Even with no a/c on a warm summer morning, feeling like I was inside a furnace, I suffered just to get one of those awesome hamburgers to go! And really, if it ever happened again with the air conditioning being broke, I would do it again!