Air cleaner for half the cost

I was shopping for a new couch and kitchen table the other month, and I had decided to go to a used outlet that discounts everything as I am pretty tight with money these days, however usually, these stores are very terrible looking, run down and have the absolute worst air quality around, and however, this particular used discount outlet had the total opposite! The air quality in the store was amazingly clean and fresh! Not to mention, their gas furnace was to die for! It was a pretty chilly day, and I was not expecting to walk into this location and be greeted with a brand new, top of the line and genuinely nice feeling gas furnace! Then, you can imagine my real and true surprise when I was breathing in the lovely air quality with it. I was so over the moon with the heating and the air quality, that I genuinely found a sales rep in there and decided to ask them about their heating and cooling system along with mentioning how clean the air quality was, however the sales rep told me that after a long time of hearing complaints from customers, the owners invested in the most upscale industrial sized HVAC  unit, and also got many whole house media air cleaners installed into the HVAC device to go with it. I was highly impressed by what I found out. I told the sales rep that I would spread the word and let all my friends know, and hope that it would bring more customers to the store all together!

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