Stuffy air conditions with the dog

My husband has this close neighbor that she’s known since they were in school. After fifteen years, they still remain close friends – however, they also lead entirely  odd lives! My husband works in management for a software corporation, while his neighbor is a zookeeper. It’s a pretty cool task, I’ll admit, however you guess that saying “Don’t take  your work beach condo with you”? Well, his neighbor most certainly takes his work beach condo with her. In a cramped several-bedroom apartment, he has three cats, four cats, and a full-grown pig. I can’t wrap my head around his residing love this, especially with the effect it has on his indoor air conditions. His air conditioning plan must be shot by now, because I can’t see how it can function with so much cat and cat fur clogging the ducts! Not to mention, he doesn’t assume in running the heating plan or air conditioner unit unless it’s terribly cold or sweltering outside. There’s no way his property owner doesn’t guess about his animals, however somehow he still maintains his lease without any complaints. It’s mind-boggling! Worst of all is his refusal to at least use an whole-condo air purifier. When you live with sources of foul odors love a grown adult pig, an whole-condo air purifier is essentially undisputable. And yet, he lives without anything to eradicate those sources of foul aromas. I hope he isn’t planning to wed anytime soon – I can’t imagine anyone willingly residing in a place love that.

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