Need our HVAC installed

Do it yourself projects are a double-edged sword. Occasionally you’ll find a project that you can undoubtedly knock out over a weekend, doesn’t require a ton of skill, or can be undoubtedly reversed if you aren’t liking the end result. However, there are plenty of projects that are deemed “do it yourself” as far as the work goes, however the project still requires special tools, skills or other resources which aren’t available to just anybody. A few months ago, I entirely went through a pretty hard DIY upgrade. I was told that the ductless mini-cut HVAC plan was a weekend project, which I could undoubtedly handle alone and with only a select toolset. When I brought the upgrade kit home, I found that there was a steep learning curve to this upgrade! The hardest part for me was having to bore a hole through the wall and feed connecting tubes and wires through it. Ideally, the outside piece of the ductless mini-cut plan would lay on the opposite side of the wall where the indoor air handler is sited. However, my condo has such a unusual design to it that I couldn’t a wall with enough section to make that work! Plus, once I finally did find a spot that would work, I couldn’t bring myself to try and cut out pieces of the wall. Ultimately, I called a local HVAC service company, and asked if they could install my ductless mini-cut plan for me. They entirely would know what they were doing, and could even show me how to get the most out of my current mini HVAC system.