My boyfriend is tough to deal with

My boyfriend Stephen just got a new job with this up and coming company. He got a huge pay raise, lots of responsibilities and is busy all of the time. Stephen basically works 12 hours a day now. He also gets called into the office every weekend without fail. This past weekend I had a plan that Stephen, the kids and I would get away. I had tickets for the hockey game and hotel rented. Right before we were going to leave, Stephen got called into the office. To top this off, our air conditioner unit just stopped working. I called Stephen at work for two reasons. I wanted to know if he could get home in time to make it to the game. I also wanted to know what to do about the air conditioner issue. Stephen was stressed, upset and said he could not do either of those things for me. After he hung up I sprung into action. I called my parents and had them take my kids to the game. They got to watch the game and stay in the hotel. Next, I called the local air conditioning business and paid for emergency service. I got the air conditioner professional to come to my house within the hour. He was able to repair, clean and prep the AC system in no time. The AC was fixed and prepared a really nice dinner. I then called Stephen to tell him the AC was taken care of, the kids were out of the house and I had a great meal waiting for him at home.

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