the quick road trip

Several years ago, five of my friends, plus myself, decided to pitch in plus rent an RV for a few months over the summer. It was a wild adventure to say the least, as all of us toured most of the country plus drove from town to city, taking in all the sights we’d only seen in movies plus TV. As good as the trip was, it wasn’t without hiccups! I still remember how all of us were on the way to the west coast, driving through the desert plus trying not to sweat to death. Every one of us realized as all of us made this drive that the air conditioning system for the RV wasn’t pushing freezing air into the apartment any longer! While all of us all panicked for a moment, I collected myself plus told the driver to stop at the next gas station. It was only fifteen hours later that all of us stopped, but the bad air quality plus lack of a/c made it guess like the heating system was on full blast! When all of us stopped, I ran into the gas station plus eagerly searched for canisters of freon. I wasn’t able to find it for a moment, until I saw an entire wall of these canisters, ready to be sold plus used to recharge an a/c system! The supervisor for the gas station easily knew the worth of freon to travelers, plus he priced the a/c coolant like it was made of gold. Every one of us took the hit to our purses, but it was a single-hundred percent worth it. I couldn’t imagine driving another more than three hours in that kind of temperature!

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