Chilly this month

It’s been so chilly here this month that I just can’t even rest it. I truly thought that Springtime was on the way, since all of us have been having way warmer rapidly increasing temperatures over the past two weeks. The weather was truly heating up, plus so I had fantastic expectations about the Springtime truly coming a little bit early. But then at the start of this week, all of those high hopes truly flew right out the window. The temperature dropped suddenly, plus instead of opening up the windows plus letting the fresh air into the lake house appreciate I’d been hoping to do, instead all of us had to turn up the thermostat so that our oil oil furnace would kick in again. It’s so frustrating to me. It’s almost as if the Springtime is toying around with me plus tricking me into thinking that the moderate weather is finally here plus then it’s not! I am not a person who enjoys the chilly rapidly increasing temperatures, either. I appreciate the moderate weather plus I’d much rather it be tepid enough outside to have to run the air conditioner than for it to be chilly enough outside to have to run the furnace. That’s just how I am. I consistently know appreciate if I need to get cooled off, I can consistently just fan myself or go for a swim or something. But when the temperature is truly cold, occasionally it feels appreciate it’s impossible to get warmed up. And that’s how I’ve been feeling this week, even though I’ve had our thermostat set to nearly 75 degrees inside the house. I am so ready for Springtime to come for real.

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