AC repair technician

I really love the Summertime. We have an awesome swimming pool out back, with a gas grill and a patio. Most summer days are relaxing, with very little worry at all. Sadly, this summer has been nothing but storm after storm. It’s been raining for days, with no sign of stopping anytime soon. The weather radar looks like a red finger paint drawing. Luckily, we don’t live in a flood zone. Last week, we had a different problem. Our air conditioning system had froze up, and we called to have the HVAC unit repaired. While we were waiting for the HVAC repair service, a thunder storm appeared out of nowhere. A huge bolt of lightning struck a tree, about a mile away from my house. That tree was blocking the dirt road that leads to our house. Around the time our HVAC technician was to arrive, we received a call from the service provider. They would not be able to come do any repairs, until the tree could be removed from the street. I was angry as ever, and it was already getting very warm in the house. I drove the car down the road, to look at the tree that blocking the street. It was massive in size, and managed to take out 2 power lines along with it. I was surprised we still had power, to be honest. It took 5 hours for  city crew to remove the tree and all of the debris. Meanwhile, we dealt with poor indoor air quality and temperatures in the 90’s.