Juggling the thermostat settings

It must be nice to be retired. I can’t wait for the day until I can just stop working a monday through friday job, collect a pension and just travel. This is exactly what my parents are doing currently. They retired from working over 35 years and are now traveling and enjoying life. My parents only live 10 minutes from where I live now so when they are away I watch their house and stop over a few times a week just to make sure that their plants are watered and everything in their home is functioning properly. Just last week we had a very cold arctic front and unfortunately I accidentally turned the heater off. I must have accidentally turned it off when the day before I went to the thermostat and tried juggling the thermostat settings. Luckily the pipes did not freeze! That would have resulted in an expensive and disastrous issue! I went to the thermostat and turned the heater back on by switching the button over to “heat.” For some reason the heater would not turn on. The furnace took at least 15 to 20 minutes for it to have warm air come out of the air registers. I was concerned about this and didn’t want my parents to have to worry about it when they got home so i called the local heating and cooling technician to see why it was taking forever for it to turn on. I was informed by the heating and cooling technician that normally in the winter time when temperatures are very cold the furnace does take a while to warm up. However he said that it’s important to keep an eye on it and if he sees that it’s happening again there could be something with the furnace icing up outside. Luckily this issue did not happen again!

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