These filters are filthy

My girlfriend Jill recently moved in with me. Unfortunately, Jill comes with a huge, hairy and annoying dog. Her dog sheds in three colors. Brown, black and white hair now covers our apartment. No matter what you wear, dog hair is all over it. The dog is totally misbehaved too. He sleeps on the couch, on our bed and rolls all over the floor spreading hair. I noticed that the hair gets into our HVAC system too. So that means I am breathing in polluting air quality due to the dog. I can’t stand literally being surrounded by hair. I refuse to breathe it in as well. In order to ensure I have clean indoor air conditions, I have needed to put in quite a bit of work. I have to change my air filter weekly, not monthly. Every week the filter has gobs of hair clogging it. I can’t use a washable filter either. I need to get special HEPA filters that are known for cleaning indoor air quality. On top of this, I need to scrub out my heater and AC device once a week. The hair gets stuck in the fan blades and clogs the inner workings of the HVAC unit. I need to vacuum, wash and dust inside of it. I also have been thinking about getting an air purifier for the HVAC equipment. Granted, that will not stop the hair around the HVAC. But, it will make the air cleaner. I honestly feel the way to fix our problem is to get rid of Jill’s dog.

hepa filter