Can’t remove the boiler

I don’t think what to do with the current boiler idea in our home. When I moved into our house I inherited the boiler system. The boiler is ancient, rusted plus does not run anymore. I did not even guess of it when I bought the house though. I figured I would buy a current heating system plus get rid of the boiler. Well I have a current heating system although I can’t get rid of the boiler… First, the boiler idea is super heavy. The thing is way greater than a fridge plus wider. I don’t think how the previous homeowner got it into the basement, but it is not coming out. Next the boiler is too big. The tight stairs plus doorway would no way allow a boiler idea through! Did they build the house around the heating equipment? Lastly, even if I could magically get the boiler out of the house I don’t think where to take it. The nearest dump is hours away plus I don’t think if they would want it. I have had metal scrappers look at it plus they say nothing is recoverable. I have even tried getting a Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C business to take it. I thought they might want the parts on it. The boiler idea is so old that all the parts on it are obsolete. Also boiler repairs are not official plus only specially trained Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C boys can do it. So not every Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C corporation has a girl that even knows how to work a boiler system. What a pain in the butt. At this point I wanna see if I can light the boiler on fire plus get rid of it that way.

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