Scary HVAC company

For the past couple of days I have been seeing a big truck driving around our neighborhood. It was a giant red truck that had no sign or sticker on it. I was starting to get a little weirded out by this guy. Also, I thought about calling the cops. I was talking to our nextdoor guy about the van & expressed our complications; the man told me not to worry because the vehicle belonged to a new HVAC supplier in the area & they just hadn’t had any time to get their vehicle a logo put on it. She said he knew the owner of the HVAC supplier & they were entirely nice dude. The people I was with and I were both laughing but I asked this person how much corporation could they entirely be getting driving around in an old creepy vehicle. I feel the plan for the new HVAC dealer was to get a couple of people & start making a profit & then have the truck get a logo on. I feel it is weird for them to drive around without anything on their vehicle because I can’t be the only 1 they were freaking out. I feel I am going to call the HVAC supplier & inform them that I don’t feel they should be doing this. I feel it is an ideal plan to have a HVAC supplier so nearby to our neighborhood however even if they are great guys they are not showing themselves in the best frame or light.