Going up and the cold mountains

I recently relocated up north, it has been a wonderful experience. The mountains are lovely & I go hiking almost daily. It has been a big change from living down south. I like the warmth back home, however nothing is more beautiful than the mountains for me, my modern beach beach house is also wonderful , the yard is gigantic. I usually kneel out back & watch my dog & children goofing around. The only problem I have with the beach beach house is the heating does not seem to be doing its job. When I obtained the beach beach house they didn’t mention any difficulties with the heating or cooling. I have talked to some friends I have made here & they tell me their gas furnaces are on occasion a problem because they have to run them so frequently. I have been adjusting the thermostat higher & higher however the gas furnace still does not seem to be totally working. I called an Heating & A/C professional recently & the guy told me they would send me a heating and cooling pro. I am thinking that the furnace is genuinely just old, & they told me something may be wrong with the ignition equipment. I can’t wait for the Heating & A/C provider to dispatch someone because it’s been getting pretty cold. I turned the thermostat up to 72 his week, however it feels like it’s in the 50’s. When the Heating & A/C professional comes I will genuinely have him give us a modern gas furnace so that I don’t run into problems for quite a while. I will also install some gas furnace flooring, I feel that would make a big difference in the colder season here. I am anticipating enjoying my modern oil furnace.

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