Glad the ac works

I have been making all kinds of improvements to my beach beach house in the last few years. I obtained the beach beach house as a short sale & have been slowly remodeling. Last year I had the kitchen updated & installed all modern appliances, counters & floors. This year I have been spending my energy on my heating & cooling systems. I want my heating & cooling systems to be as energy efficient as is reasonable. I have a friend that is an Heating & A/C professional & he has been explaining all of the latest a/c technologies to me. I have decided I will focus on having HVAc with zone control. This means I will be installing programmable thermostats into each zone, or area, of the residence. With a programmable thermostat in each room I will not have to suffer with uneven heating & cooling, & I will save a lot of my paycheck. I won’t have to have my AC component freezing in rooms that I am not in. They will also be smart thermostats so I can set them to turn on or off from the office or the house or the car. If I forget to turn the AC component off I will be able to do so from anywhere I happen to be. Along with the modern thermostats I am going to install better insulation to make sure that the heat stays inside where it belongs. This will also help me save on my bill. I am really pretty overjoyed I found a enjoyable Heating & A/C supplier that is able to tell me a lot about the newest technologies. Since I am doing such a major upgrade my Heating & A/C professional told me he would do upgrade of a more efficient AC component & furnace included with the work.