A loud air vent

Work can be stressful and busy, so I rarely have a weekend off. I only get home early, a few nights each week. I like to watch Survivor on Thursday nights. Even when I work on Thursdays, I still make it home before eight o’clock. I haven’t missed a single episode in the last 23 seasons, and I ‘m not going to start now. A few weeks ago, I noticed a strange noise in the middle of my latest episode. I ignored the noise, which got worse the next week. This week, I found the source of the strange noise. My friends and I were in the middle of arguing about the next vote, when the air vent fell on my friends head. Danny was surprised, and then I realized the screw had come out of the air vent. The last three weeks, I had been listening to the sound of the loose screw. Every time the HVAC unit turned on, the vibration loosened the screw a little bit more. Luckily, Danny was wearing a hat. The air vent is made of aluminum, and could have seriously injured my friend. I went around the house the next day, making sure all of the air vents were securely fastened. I only found one additional air vent, with a screw that was loose. While I was tightening all of the screws, I also cleaned out the ducts and washed the vents. They were pretty gross and filled with dirt, grime, and dust. I was glad no one was injured, but the accident forced me to maintenance and clean the whole air ducting system.