Needing the a/c system handled

The other month I had my quarterly heating and air conditioning system tune up set for the house. I did it on a Thursday afternoon after I had got home from work… The reason I scheduled it was because the airflow in the living room had at this time seemed to be decreased, & I believed that a full on A/C tune-up would do the trick in helping to fix the situation all together honestly. Our air conditioning and our heating system regularly works much better after a good & thorough cleaning from the heating and air conditioning specialist. The air conditioning as well as the heating supplier who was to do the work arrived on time, & instantly got started on the heating and cooling unit’s A/C tune-up. They took down the panels from the system, & made sure all of the power was disconnected. They carefully went through each section of the heating and A/C unit, until they noticed a severe problem. One of the bolts on the motor was almost worn completely, & it looked as if the bolt would fall out at any hour now. They replaced the worn out bolt, & added a special harness to keep that section together  for now, however after the A/C tune-up was completed, the service HVAC worker offered me some exhaustingly sad news… He felt that the A/C component was nearing the end of its life and was gonna break down for good soon, & he told me to prepare for a modern HVAC purchase this year. He offered me a couple of pamphlets with info, so I could check out our modern choices in the meantime.

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