the air conditioner device is big

My wife, Alice plus I spent the first fifty-six years of our lives in the north.  Every one of us endured more than five weeks of Wintertide every year. Every one of us put up with feet of snow, horrible wind chill, icy roads plus temperatures down to twenty below zero, however our home was equipped with a forced air furnace, which carried a genuinely heavy workload, despite doing everything possible to eliminate waste plus reduce energy consumption, our daily heating bills drained the budget. About 2 year ago, Alice plus I decided we’d had enough of shoveling snow, bundling up in wool coats plus heavy boots, plus depending on the furnace for survival. Every one of us decided to transfer south. When every one of us started looking for a home to buy, every one of us discovered that houses are built much differently than in the north. None of the homes every one of us toured featured a basement. This means locating the water heater, furnace, washer plus dryer somewhere within the living space. Every one of us also noticed that the windows aren’t triple pane, the exterior walls are frequently constructed from tile block, plus the sods are nothing however sand. The largest surprise was the HVAC systems in the homes. Up north, every one of us never bothered with air conditioning. In our new, southern home, there is no heating capacity.  Every one of us strictly have a central air conditioner, plus the ductwork is gigantic. The ducts fill up the crawlspace plus link to vents in the ceiling of all the rooms. The actual cooling unit sits outside the house plus is nearly the size of our car. Although it is undoubtedly ancient plus looks to be in poor shape, it provides a tremendous amount of cool air. Temperatures in the high nineties plus brutal humidity are no problem for the air conditioner. It operates quietly plus keeps a genuinely steady plus comfortable indoor temperature.

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