Ductless mini split solves the problem of how to heat and cool new master bedroom

About two years ago, my husband Justin and I decided to create a master bedroom suite in our home. We were tired of our cramped bedroom, lack of closet space and long walk to the family bathroom. It took major planning to figure out the best way to redesign the available space. Our best option was to enclose the back porch and make it part of the master bedroom. We ended up in a major renovation project, requiring the installation of plumbing and electric lines. The cost of professional plumbing, electric and general contracting services added up very quickly. There wasn’t a lot left in the budget for heating and cooling. Temperature control in our home is handled by a forced air furnace and central air conditioning system. It relies on ductwork concealed in the walls and ceilings to convey the conditioned air. The system is configured for a specific demand and square footage. Justin and I were concerned the HVAC system would be unable to handle the larger bedroom, cost us a fortune in monthly energy bills, and fail to provide comfort. Hoping to find a more effective and economical alternative, we called a local HVAC contractor for a free estimate. He recommended that we install a ductless mini split system. A ductless mini split is super compact, permanently installed, and provides both heating and cooling capacity. Installation required little more than a small hole in an exterior wall and access to electricity. The ductless heat pump wasn’t overly expensive and allows us independent control over the temperature in our new bedroom.

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