A very short period of time

I just started a new job, moved to a new city, and bought a new house. It’s a lot happening all at once. It is all exciting, for sure, but I feel sort of like I’m caught up in this whirlwind and I’m just being swept along… I don’t really feel comfortable with that. I am generally a very organized, steady type of person who enjoys routine. All this newness thrown at me in a short period of time is daunting. I will get the hang of the new life here, but in the meantime I just feel lost. So imagine my consternation at finding that my brand new home all of a sudden needs to be fixed. I have to sink an extra few thousand dollars into a new HVAC system. When I bought the house, I made sure to look at the furnace to make sure it wasn’t older. I thought I did my research on it, but apparently not. It looked newer to me. All of a sudden though, I’m caught without heat and it’s only in the forties outside! With everything I have going on, HVAC problems aren’t helping me adjust. I’m just more thrown off. Now I will have to get a couple HVAC repair people out here to give me quotes. I’ll need to pay them for their time, plus the cost of the new HVAC in addition to that. I’m hoping I catch a break somewhere. I don’t really have thousands of dollars on hand to do something like this, so I’ll have to move some things around. Instead of going out to eat and getting drinks with coworkers so I can make some new friends, I’ll be dining in alone to save money because of this whole HVAC situation. I’m really bummed.