Want my radiant heater to handle it all

Whenever people begin to write something, they begin with I remember, or when I was young, or something along those lines. I feel that most of things people have to talk about are in their past. And they just don’t seem to realize all that is happening in our homes now. It is funny because, back in the days when I was younger I would be able to look around the house to find ways to stay warm. And not all of those ways of keeping warm involved standing in front of air vents, adding a space heater to a cold corner, or even cranking up a temperature control. We did have a gas furnace that ran on natural gas, plus our three space heaters. And if one of us said that we were feeling too cold, then we’d just have to go and put on a coat. And then there were the times that our dad would throw us our coats and hats and tell us to get outside and play. He thought that if we would just get our blood pumping, then our bodies’ natural heating would take over. And turns out that he was right, too, because it didn’t take long for us to get overheated. And then our coats would be opened as we ran around. And even as much as we all had complained about going outside to play, then none of us wanted to come back in.  Our clothing would be soaked through from the snow, and then we’d all be red-faced from the cold. But whenever we came back inside, we’d definitely be heated up from getting our blood moving. I feel as if dad and mom were right most of the time. It’s just too bad that they aren’t here to chase kids now out to play in the snow. These kids today don’t know what they are missing.

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