Hoping to get some heating help

My partner and I called to have someone look at our ailing oil furnace; the furnace was not heating our home and the rapidly decreasing temperatures outside were making us concerned. My partner and I called several odd locales around town, because both of us did not have a lot of cash on hand. But we found a furnace repair service and supplier that would provide us with a full estimate for the repairs for free. The dealer was a small mom-and-pop shop, and even the owner himself came to prepare the oil furnace repair estimate. My partner and I hoped it would be a simple and inexpensive fix, but the suggestion was to replace our oil furnace in full. My partner and I were completely distraught and upset. We did not have any cash to replace our entire oil furnace. We barely had the cash to pay for the repair appointment at all. The owner of the oil furnace repair shop gave us the estimate, and then told us to take our time thinking about it. Although at least he said he would match any other written estimate on the furnace. My partner and I called a few other locales, but they all wanted $99 just to give us their opinion over the phone. My partner and I could not afford to buy the brand new oil furnace, so both of us called to tell the first shop to say no thank you on their offer. The owner of the dealer asked if both of us found a cheaper price on the furnace, but we both told him that it wasn’t possible for us to afford to buy a replacement oil furnace at this time. The owner of the oil furnace repair dealer asked if both of us would possibly want to set up a payment plan. We did not even know they had a payment plan available. He accepted $200 down, and set up bi-weekly payments to finish paying for the oil furnace cost. My partner and I could not even believe that man’s generosity. The owner of the shop did not even make us sign any kind of contract. I miss the past when a handshake meant a firm commitment between two people.

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