The furnace is not working so well

A few days ago, my region of the country was hit with some nasty, serious weather. All homeowners in a 500 mile radius gained at least 3 in of snow, and my kids were out of school for four days, and the roads were jam packed with ice, snow, and tree debris. The wind was so cold and annoying during the storm, plus a lot of damage was caused from Fallen trees, then it was one of the worst Winter storms to hit our section in at least ten years. While it was snowing outside, my family plus I had the oil furnace thermostat on 72 degrees. If the snow keeps building up on the roof, it can cause serious damage. All of us adjust the oil furnace thermostat to 72°, plus also open the attic door. The warm air makes particular that no snow will pile on the roof. My family plus I were enjoying day more than one of the Winter storm, when our home started to get cold. It was entirely  clear that the oil furnace was no longer working. I took a peek outside, plus I could barely see the driveway in the snow. I called our official oil furnace and air conditioner service center, however they were closed for the day. I opened my tablet and scan for oil furnace service centers that were open on that day. I called and emailed three more shops, until I finally found someone who was open for business. They could not send a serviceman until the day, however they did have an appointment available. My family plus I waited all day to have the oil furnace repaired. Around seven at night, the two of us got a call from the oil furnace service dealer. They could not make it to our home, because the roads were too dangerous to drive on. All of us had to wait until the snow could be plowed.

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