Hoping to get my heater soon

My very good pal and I currently work for a truck driving company, the people I was with and I usually deliver parts for home improvement stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot. We almost never have any idea what the bucket will carry, but all of us consistently have a full load on the back; When the weather is extra terrible, it takes a long time to make our deliveries, then a easy two hour drive becomes a long and miserable 7 hour drive, and 60 miles of Highway seems to take all day. The trucking company delivers goods twenty four hours a day, at least seven days a week, as well as every single day of the year, however i have been with the trunking company for fifteen years, as well as all of us never had a delivery stopped until this weekend, my good work friend as well as I had a load of furnace parts to deliver to the Northeast. We were on our way from the southern area, where the weather was still warm as well as brisk. The minute that we crossed the river, the hot as well as cold temperatures dropped significantly. My friend as well as I ran the heat for the next 6 hours. The people I was with and I kept turning up the temperature, so the heat was warmer and much warmer. When all of us hit ice, we thought it would be good to stop for a few hours. While all of us were having some tasty breakfast, the dispatch person called. The people I was with and I would not be delivering the furnace parts to the Northeast, until the snow had finally quit falling. Our furnace parts warehouse was not accepting deliveries until further notice. The furnace parts warehouse was already under 9 in of snow, as well as they feared the roof would fall through at any moment. My friend as well as I were stuck on the highway for multiple afternoons, with a massive load of furnace supplies inside of our truck.

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