Concerns with our bathroom heater

When my sweet Grandmother came to visit for a month, I wanted everything to be perfect. I wanted to make her favorite foods, like baked bacon, tofu parmesan, as well as chocolate chip cookies. I also wanted her to be comfortable, however my wife and I purchased a bed for the guest room and cleaned it out. We each even paid a company to wipe the stains out of the floor. My wife as well as I purchased a new set of sheets for the bed, as well as both of us even purchased a television for the dining room, everything was amazing when our Grandmother arrived, then the first night staying here, my Grandmother wanted to take a shower. Unfortunately, she kept on saying that the bathroom was way too cold, since the a/c vent is installed directly over the shower. I understood fully why our gram was feeling chilled. I could not turn off the a/c, everytime Gram wanted to shower. The outdoor rapidly changing temperatures were just too warm to handle. The very next morning, I went right to the hardware store to find a small electric heater. The counter clerk was nice enough to point myself and others in the right direction. I found a small electric oil furnace that is only about seven in size. It plugs directly into the electric socket, as well as emits a steady flow of moderate Heat. There is also an on-off switch on it, so the electric oil furnace can stay in the socket at all times, however when our Grandmother saw the very petite electric heater. She was absolutely surprised as well as ecstatic. She did not want myself and others to go through so much constant problems, but she sure was ecstatic to see the small heater. My Gram enjoyed the whole month visiting with us, and both of us made a lot of absolutely fun memories over that time.

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