When the HVAC business just closes

For the past 15 years I think, my family and I have heavily relied on the same Heating plus Air Conditioning business for our HVAC needs. My family chose to use this Heating and Air Conditioning business, because it is the same business that our mom as well as dad used along with us. The business always provided excellent customer service as well as sufficient prices, when I bought a place, the first thing I did was replace the old boiler as well as a/c. I wanted something new as well as modern, not to mention I used the Heating plus Air Conditioning business to make the change. Five years ago, I really needed to replace that heat pump as well as a/c again. I still continued to use the same Heating and Air Conditioning business. My family as well as I received a thank you card as well as a letter in the mail from our Heating and Air Conditioning business this very week. They were advertising a liquidation sale on all heating, ventilation, as well as air conditioning equipment. The Heating plus Air Conditioning business was going out of business after almost 35 years. My dad talked to the owner, as well as found out that he was going to retire. Unfortunately, he did not want to keep the business open any longer, and he provided us the name of a new Heating and Air Conditioning business that would take over our account. The business’s top repair specialist decided to open his own business, as well as he would be servicing all of the accounts. The owner of the business thanked us for our service, as well as close his doors forever. The people I was with and I will actually continue using the new business, due to the fact the people I was with and I know the owner. I hope he still provides the same excellent quality on Heating and Air Conditioning service and also repairs.

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