The energy saving heat pump device

I know we all have our great memories from when we were kids.  I’m sure that not everyone has the best of memories either, but they are still looked on fondly.  One my favorite memories is going to the beach house with my parents. They always rented the same beach house every year.  They made the reservation for the week before we went back to school. I think it was a way of saying goodbye to summer. I loved going to the beach house with my parents.  It had the most phenomenal air conditioning that you could imagine. If it is possible, it was too strong of an air conditioner. It would get so cold in the beach house that I would be walking around in a heavy bathrobe, a blanket over my shoulders, or in a heavy sweatshirt.  There was only one thermostat and just one air vent in the house and that was in the main living area. I found that the top bedroom was the most comfortable. It was on the upper level of the house, and all of the heat gathered there as long as I didn’t open my door. I would hole up in the room, with the door closed, and only come out when we were going somewhere.  There were times when I blamed mom and dad for being cold in the house. The old dial thermostat wasn’t very readable. I wondered if they even knew where they were setting the temperature on the thermostat. I swore that when I had my own home, I would have a programmable thermostat and hopefully some Zone Control.

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