Worried about the state of the air ducts

When I started doing the destruction to our house as a prelude to the new construction, I consulted our HVAC contractor.  I knew that we wanted to put different heating in the bedrooms. It isn’t that our furnace wasn’t working well, but that our bedroom and the spare bedroom, always felt a bit chilly.  We wanted information on installing radiant heating. He explained the process and we started wondering if it wasn’t a bit too much work for what we wanted. He then told us about cove heaters.  Cove heaters on the order of radiators, but instead of being along the wall at the floor, they are on the wall, but near the ceiling. They have air vents that point toward the floor on the opposite side of the room.  The heat is radiated downward, which heats the air and floors at the same time. Once we were done refinishing our floors and completely renewing the bathrooms, we loved our house. I guess I never took into consideration how much dust could come from the destruction of the interior of the bathrooms and the flooring.  We had new toilets, sinks and showers installed, along with tiling the floors and walls. When we turned on the air conditioning, there was dust everywhere. I called our HVAC company again, and I was really upset. He told us about the dust from the construction and how it gets into the ductwork. We could either have the ductwork cleaned, or change the air filters every week.  We opted to have the ductwork cleaned, realizing it would probably be cheaper.